How can I donate items?

Please email with a photo and a description. All items need to be approved first.

You can then take smaller items into Footprints when you attend a session or drop them off with the staff. Larger items will need to remain with you and the buyer will collect directly.

What if I want to sell the item and not donate?

You can use this website to sell an item relevant to children with additional needs and disabilities for a price of your choosing. Footprints will only take a small percentage of the price which is to be agreed in advance of the sale. 

What can I donate?

We would love to receive anything that has helped with the educational, emotional or physical development of your child. Something you no longer need that is in good condition and safe to use.
Examples could be therapy trikes, therapy mats, shoes to fit splints, leg gaitors, sensory toys, switch adapted toys, wheelchair covers, specialised cutlery or cups, nappies, car seats, pushchairs, books etc. 

How do I buy and receive my order?

If you purchase an item you will be asked to transfer the money directly to the Footprints bank account. Once the payment has been received you will be contacted about collection/delivery.